Английский 1 курс. Тест №4 по английскому языку

I. Соотнесите корень латинского происхождения с его значением и его производным.
1 firm a) build a) instructional
2 labor b) first b) confirm
3 rect c) strong c) elaborate
4 stru(ct) d) work d) primary
5 prim e) straight e) rectify--
П. Заполните пропуски в тексте словами в подходящей по контексту форме, образованными от предложенных справа.
Since the late 6..., thousands of artificial satellites have been put in
the Earth’s orbit. Many are now out of 7..., just scrap metal in
space, which may be involved in 8... with useful satellites
Some satellites provide 9... information for weather forecasting
Others can measure 10 ... in the earth's crust which may indicate
earthquake 11... in the near future. There are satellites which can
indicate the exact 12 ... of forest fires long before they could be
spotted by 13... on Earth. Some satellites have sensitive
photographic 14... which can show how well crops are growing
in the fields and make 15... of rivers and deserts. In the future,
satellites, in the form of giant mirrors, could provide 16... for
cities and roads by reflecting the sun's rays onto Earth's nightside. FIFTY

Ш. Выберите правильную форму.
17. ... his colleagues opposition, he decided to continue his research.
a) Although b) However c) Despite d) Owing to
18.... my car dates from 1981, yours is brand new.
a) Nevertheless b) In spite of c) Although d) Whereas
19. Tom is not suitable for the job. He's too old. ..., he isn't interested.
a) Besides b) In addition to c) As well as d) And
20. ... there are no more questions to discuss, we can finish the meeting.
a) As b) Because c) So that d) Unless
21.I did not support his view. ..., I disagreed strongly.
a) On the contrary b) Otherwise c) By contrast d) Conversely
IV. Употребите правильную форму глагола.
We regret (22) …(inform) you that your application has been unsuccessful.
We know him (23)... (object) to this style of research on previous occasions.
It (24).. .(announce) that the proposed new office block (25).. .(now not build) because of the current economic situation.
Pictures of the surface of the planet Venus (26)... (receive) yesterday from the space probe 'Explorer' which (27)... (launch) last year
No decision (28) ... (make) about any future appointments until all suitable candidates (29) ...(interview).
We expect an announcement (30)... (make) next week.
The problem seems (31)... (occur) during the night.
If we had paid our workers better, they (32)... (leave) the company.
The meeting has been going on for two hours, so they could (33)... (decide) by now.
My colleagues suggested that I (34) ... ( get) this job in a bank.
V. Заполните пропуски предложенными словами. a) everywhere b) each c) everyone d) every day e) everything f) every
35..... in this workshop has done an apprenticeship with an engineering company.
36. More than 400 machine tools are produced here ..., except Saturday.
37. ... production line runs continuously, for 24 hours.
38. ... eight hours a supervisor checks the level of output.
39. ... is maintained by our own team of fitters.
40. All the production is distributed to agents ... in Europe.
VI.Выберите подходящее слово из предложенного выбора.
a) fewer b) less
41. There are ... exploited workers than there used to be.
a) impossible b) impossibly
42. The problem appeared … ,
a) arose b) rose
43. A discussion ... about the best way to pay.
a) beside b) besides
44. .. literature, we have to study history and philosophy.
a) hard b) hardly
45. I've ... learnt anything this year.
a) effective b) efficient
46. The German telephone system is highly … .

V. Заполните пропуски соответствующими предлогами.
47. Mary specializes ... designing theatres and concert halls.
48. This number refers ... the next page of the article.
49.1 count... nothing in this company, unfortunately.
50. Damage to the building resulted ... an unusually high wind.