Английский 1 курс. Тест №3 по английскому языку

I. Соотнесите корень латинского происхождения с его значением и его производным . Выпишите корневое слово и соответствующие буквы вашего выбора.
flect, flex
mob, mot
pend, pens
ven(e) a) hang
b) speak
c) move
d) lead
e) city
f) come
g) end
h) bend
i) letter a) preventive
b) motivation
c) suburbs
d) suspension
e) jurisdiction
f) flexible
g) education
h) illiterate
i) infinite
II. Определите какое слово является лишним в ряду. Выпишите его.
2. a) chronicles; chronometer; synchronize; chronology; chromosome
b) dogma; dogged; dogmatism; paradox; orthodox
c) diagram; telegram; geography; anagram; gram
d) barometer; perimeter; isometric; meteorite; geometry
III. Соотнесите слово с его определением, обращая внимание на префиксы.
3. multilateral a) combining of diverse elements into one entity
4. semiskilled b) slow down
5. homogenize c) having many sides or participants
6. peripheral d) doing work requiring only limited training
7. synthesis e) make uniform throughout
8. decelerate f) of minor or secondary importance
IV. Заполните пропуски подходящими словами.
a) complement b) compliment
Education should… 9 one’s natural abilities.
The dean will …10 the honor students for their high grades.
a) farther b) further
I live …11 from campus than I used to.
This matter will require …12 study.
a) formally b) formerly
…13, these proceedings were conducted more …14.
a) quiet b) quite
The library wasn’t …15 …16 enough for the head librarian.
a) adapt b) adopt
If you …17 a child, the family will need time to …18 to a new person.
a) thorough b) through
The supervisors made a …19 inspection as they walked …20 the plant.
IV. Поставьте глагол в соответствующую форму в страдательном залоге.
21. John Burton …( arrest) if he hadn't fled the country.
22. The books are certainly missing. They …(might steal).
23. The works of art have not been seen for decades. They …(must destroy) during the war.
24. The acrobats performed a dangerous trick. They …(could kill).
25. I bought a copy of Parade's End that …(sign) by the author in 1930.
26. Seven candidates …(interview) so far.
27. The test results …(analyse) at this very moment.
28. Everyone …(send) a copy of the agenda before next Monday's meeting.
29. “Those documents …(should not give) to the press”, said the minister. “My secretary made a mistake when he released them.”
30. These scales are supposed …(check) every month.
V. Поставьте глагол в необходимую форму.
31. The technique allowed us …(obtain) results predicted by theory.
32. Unless immediately …(stop) the environmental pollution may become irreversible.
33. It was suggested that the atmospheric and temperature ranges of those planets… (be) different from those of the Earth.
34. Some experiments prove that it is physically possible for the ground ice of Alaska …(form) by a process of segregation.
35. If the Earth … (be) stationary, the movement of the atmosphere would be controlled almost entirely by temperature differences
36. The dean would rather that students … (make) appointments instead of dropping by.
37. The hypotheses which … (propose) agreed with the experimental observation.
38. When Professor Jones retires next month, he … (teach) for 45 years.

VI. Заполните пробелы наиболее подходящими словами из предложенного выбора.
The Natural World.
Whenever we read about the natural world nowadays, it's generally to be … 39dire prediction about its imminent destruction. Some scientists go so …40 as to assert that from now on, the world can no longer be called «natural», insofar as future processes of weather, …41, and all the interactions of plant and animal life will no longer carry on in their time-honoured way, unaffected by …42. There will never be such a thing as ‘natural weather’ again, say such writers, only weather …43 by global warming. It is hard to know whether to believe such .prophets of doom, possibly because what they are saying seems too terrible to be…44. There are other equally influential scientists who argue that climate, for example, has changed many times over the …45, and that what we are expecting now may simply be part of an endless cycle of change, rather than a disaster on a global … 46. One cannot help wondering whether these attempts to wish the problem away simply underline the extent to which western industrialised countries are to blame for upsetting the world’s … 47. It is not our fault, they seem to be saying, because everything is all right. One certain … 48 which is chilling in its implications, is that there is no longer anywhere on the earth’s …49, whether in the depths of the oceans or in the polar wastes, which is not stained by polluted air or …50 with empty cans and bottles. Now we are having to come to terms with understanding just what that means, and it is far from easy.

39. a) made b) given c) told d) granted
40. a) much b) often c) really d) far
41. a) change b) atmosphere c) climate d) even
42. a) beings b) man c) people d) humans
43. a) built b) manufactured c) affected d) organised
44. a) stopped b) true c) guessed d) here
45. a) top b) again c) centuries d) world
46. a) sense b) form c) scale d) existence
47. a) future b) ecology c) balance d) population
48. a) fact b) must c) fault d) and
49. a) planet b) atmosphere c) anywhere d) surface
50. a) even b) recycled c) littered d) bothered